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Impaired Driving Accident

Impaired Driving Accident Attorney in San Antonio

Drinking under the influence can result in severe penalties and fatalities. Impaired drivers are people who operate a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Sadly, in Texas, there have been many incidents involving people driving under the influences and risking the lives of other motorists who share the road with them.

Victims who have been seriously injured or lost a family member due to an impaired driver should get the compensation they deserve. Instead, most victims are left with financial burdens too overwhelming to bare pressuring them to neglect their recovery and focus their efforts on how they can make ends meet.

If you or someone you love are victims of an impaired driver accident, seeking help from an experienced impaired driving accident attorney is essential.

Victims of DUI accidents should know their legal options and receive compensation for their losses, but obtaining that compensation can be complex. That’s why legal representation can be helpful to you and your case. Proving liability can become a complicated process that involves analyzing your accident, injuries, and losses while also communicating with insurance companies to build a strong defense. Going through a traumatic accident is difficult enough, so it’s best to leave your legal issues in the hands of a professional who will fight on your behalf while you take the time to recover.

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At Rodriguez Trial Law, we have years of experience and expertise regarding DUI cases. Our mission is to protect the rights of those injured or wrongfully killed by impaired drivers. We fight for our clients to make sure they get the compensation they so rightfully deserve. If you have been a victim or have lost a loved one due to an impaired driver, do not hesitate to call our office today. (210) 985-9344

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