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Truck Driver Error Accident

Truck Driver Error Accident Lawyer

18-wheeler accidents and injuries are quite different from other traffic collisions, and typically so are the causes of the massive crashes. The leading difference is that there is often one negligent driver who is at fault for the collision during a vehicle collision.

During an 18-wheeler accident, there may be several responsible parties, depending on the cause of the crash. That is why filing a claim without an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney by your side can be very difficult.

Truck accidents present several different liability situations based on the relationship between the driver and any trucking company, and assigning liability becomes more challenging. As a result, liability for a trucking accident often falls on the trucking company. In trucking accidents where the driver is at fault, in most cases, courts hold truck companies responsible for accidents involving their trucks and drivers, even if the company does not technically employ the driver or own the truck. 

It is essential to move quickly to protect your rights and preserve evidence that may be lost over time in every accident situation. We can ensure your case is initiated immediately, so you don’t miss out on the settlement you deserve.

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