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Distracted Driving Accident

Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is a prevalent cause of motor vehicle accidents in Texas and across the U.S. Driving while distracted means that the person driving the vehicle is doing other types of activity such as texting, eating, or using a navigation system.

We live in a world where distractions happen every day of our lives. Although everyone has the responsibility to drive safely, some individuals allow themselves to become distracted, therefore putting motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists in serious harm due to their lack of attention on the road.

Distracted drivers can be as equally harmful and destructive as drunk drivers.

In most cases, victims of a distracted driving accident involve negligent drivers who are texting while driving. Sadly, people have lost loved ones or have been seriously injured because a driver’s attention was on their phone instead of the road. However, in some instances, this may not always be the case. There are several other distractions in a car that can contribute to an accident.

Types of Distractions
  • Cognitive – This is when a driver’s mind is side-tracked. The motorist’s mind is elsewhere other than driving their vehicle.
  • Manual – The driver’s hands are off the wheel and are used to do something other than fully controlling their vehicle.
  • Visual – These distractions take the driver’s eyes off the road and onto another object.
Have you been injured in a San Antonio distracted driving accident?

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