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18-Wheeler Federal and State Regulations

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18-wheeler regulations exist to keep all motorists safe on the road. Unfortunately, not all trucking companies and truck drivers adhere to the regulations as they should. Violating such rules and neglecting the responsibilities needed to keep the roads safe can result in a catastrophic accident that can leave an individual with severe injuries, life-long disabilities, or even a fatality. Besides the physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial burdens that one may face when involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler.

In most cases, 18-wheeler accidents happen because drivers are overworked, causing them to be tired and not get sufficient sleep. The lack of sleep decreases the truck driver’s concentration and alertness, making them a danger on the road. That is why State and Federal regulations limit the amount of time semi-truck drivers can stay behind the wheel.

Some of the most violated Federal & State Regulations include:
  • Neglecting training requirements
  • Failure to inspect, repair, and maintenance the trucks
  • Neglecting driving hours restrictions
  • Not Following drug and alcohol testing procedures for drivers
  • Not loading cargo safety
  • Driving recklessly and not being cautious to hazardous conditions
  • The use of cell phones while driving
  • Driving when tired
  • Not following traffic law issued by state and federal government
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